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  • What is laser hair removal?
    Laser hair removal is a permanent reduction in hair solution and not permanent outright removal. Hair will grow less frequently and less densely and the new hair shafts (new hairs) created by the follicle will be thinner/ finer and even lighter like baby hairs
  • Why do I require more than one treatment?
    Good question. Hair grows in three cycles, Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. The active state of growth is the Anagen phase. The hair is ‘alive’ in this phase, i.e. it is attached to the bulb of growing cells in the hair follicle. Laser hair removal is only effective during this cycle of hair growth. It is important to note that each individual hair may be in a different hair growth cycle. If the hair is in either the Catagen or Telogen phase, they will not be successfully targeted and therefore will only be treated in subsequent sessions. As such additional treatments are needed for each follicle to be treated whilst in the Anagen phase. The typical number of treatments range from 6-12 and is dependent on the area being treated, hormones, lifestyle, as well as medications and supplements being taken.
  • How do I prepare for my laser hair removal treatment?
    Waxing, tweezing, threading, and depilatories must be discontinued at least 3 weeks prior to your treatment. The entire area that is being treated must be shaved either the day before your treatment or on the day of your treatment. This is because before we laser we do not want any hair above the skin’s surface.
  • What do I do in-between treatments?
    Shaving is recommended between treatments. Do not wax, tweeze, thread or use depilatories between treatments as this will affect the results of your laser treatment.
  • Gym/ Saunas/ Hot Showers or Baths & Laser?
    It is advisable to wait 12-24 hours post-treatment. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, your skin may be sensitive after the laser treatment and secondly, the heat from the laser accumulates in the skin and therefore you run the risk of creating a lovely warm environment for bacteria to multiply, giving you spots
  • Sunlight & Laser?
    Avoid direct sun exposure to treated areas for at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment (to prevent undesired reactions); and 1-week post-treatment. Always use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 (or greater) sunblock.
  • Waxing & Laser?
    Clients usually convert from waxing to laser. It is crucial to stop waxing 3 weeks prior to your first laser treatment. For the duration of your laser treatment, you may not wax as it weakens and removes the hair from its follicle. For successful laser treatments, we require strong and present hair beneath the skin.
  • Medications/ Supplements & Laser?
    The laser will have no effect unless your medication or supplements are photosensitive. Some medications and supplements may have the side effect of making the skin sensitive to light, i.e. photosensitive. Therefore, the skin could react negatively to the laser hair removal treatment. It is crucial to always inform your therapist of any medication/ supplements that you may be taking.
  • Self-Tan & Laser?
    Self-tan/ spray tan will hinder your laser hair removal results. You only laser once a month, so schedule your spray tan for after your laser treatment. *No natural or artificial tanning (this includes tanning beds and spray tans) at least 2-3 weeks before your treatment; as this affects the sensitivity of the skin and if laser is added to the skin it could result in damage to the skin.
  • Am I allowed to have laser when I am pregnant or breast feeding?
    No. Most treatments have never been tested during pregnancy and are therefore not approved. Pregnancy means notable hormonal changes, which may stimulate hair growth. Your laser hair removal treatment plan is best pursued when your pregnancy has come to an end and your hormones levels are balanced.
  • Will it help with ingrown hairs?
    This is one treatment that is highly effective in resolving the ingrown hair problem. Laser hair removal goes to the root of the problem, literally. The laser energy is absorbed into the hair follicle destroying its ability to produce hair. Along with getting rid of the ingrown hairs and bumps, laser hair removal also helps to alleviate any skin discolouration caused by the ingrown hairs.
  • If I laser before pregnancy, will all the hair grow back after?"
    As a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy, some clients may experience new hair growth. This hair should fall out once the baby is born and the hormone levels have balanced. Some of the hair might not fall out and therefore you may need a few touch-up sessions.
  • Will I need touch-up sessions?
    Our hair grows in cycles/phases and some hair may remain in a dormant phase of growth for up to 5 years. Dormant hairs, however, may move into the Anagen phase and this is when you would require a touch-up. Top-up sessions may have to be done every 3, 6, or even 9 months post finishing your laser treatment plan.
  • How old do I have to be to have laser hair removal?
    We recommend 18 years of age and above. This is because permanent hair removal works best once all your hair follicles have fully developed. Hair follicle development occurs during puberty and thus it is usually best to wait until adulthood to have permanent hair removal.
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